It may surprise you to know that the number one health issue facing women today is not Breast cancer, but heart disease. Often untreated and misunderstood in women, heart disease accounts for 29 percent of all deaths with far too many premature deaths in women. Studies have shown that the quicker a woman makes changes to her lifestyle to reduce the risk, the better chance she has of avoiding dying from a heart attack. Eating a naturally healthy diet, getting plenty of exercise and taking supplements can do a lot to reduce a woman’s chance of developing heart disease. Serrapeptase, an enzyme that has been used for 30 years to treat inflammation, is very effective in tackling sticky blood, plaque and other factors in the body that cause cardiovascular disease. Serrapeptase cleans from our bodies free radicals, dead tissue, and plaque within the artery walls. This incredible enzyme can help with many age-related illnesses, but every woman should consider a daily dose to maintain good health naturally.