Childrens Health

Our children today face many health risks that are directly caused by their environment, such as internet dangers and illegal drug abuse, but the number one children’s health concern is obesity and related illnesses are on the rise. A healthy diet is the quickest way to secure our children’s good health. A healthy diet that includes lots of vegetables and few carbohydrates combined with daily exercise is great for maintaining a healthy weight. The Miracle Enzyme, Serrapeptase is another defense against childhood illnesses that can cause trips to the doctor’s office. Runny noses and soar throats can be treated with the inflammation-fighting enzyme. Learn about this incredible supplement and how safe it is for children here.

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  • Has serrapeptase been used on childern with marfan symdrome? my grandson is now 16, 6’1″ tall, and 90 lbs. and has horrible purple strech marcks, two leaky values in his heart, and lung disease. If this has been tried, please share info… thanks, Joyce

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